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You want to be the star of your wedding and you know it....

22 February 2022

You want to be the star of your wedding and you know it....

You want to be the star of your wedding and you know it....

The contemporary groom takes a step forward in terms of prominence and matches the bride with a trend-setting style and charisma to match the best dress. Featured groomsmen? Of course! Find out how and why in the following post.

contemporary groom

In bridal tradition, the bride used to occupy most of the attention during the celebration, her dress being one of the biggest and most expected surprises. Today, the expectation that has always been placed on the female figure is now equitable and is also transferred to the groom and his stylistic choice. The typical question, "What will you wear?" that is always asked by guests is now shared.

groom and his stylistic choice

Nowadays, the groom has undoubtedly gained relevance and without having as much practice as the bride in these matters, has suddenly found himself the center of attention. But have you ever considered, as a groom, whether you would like to take on this role?

Let's talk a bit about psychology. The desire to please oneself and others is in full swing. Fashion is designed for this, and in the past century, more than ever before, style and versatility have moved strongly into the male universe, incorporating new stylistic trends and expanding on the more classic options.

style and versatility

A wedding is a moment to show off, to please, mainly and of course your partner, but consequently the rest of the important people who will attend. A moment to show your exceptionality, to conquer, to surprise with something different... this illusion is part of the experience and it is normal that you want to enjoy it.

to conquer, to surprise

Now the expectation is also on you, and as a groom, you can't disappoint. Of course, the enhancement of this facet will largely depend on your character, whether you are more or less outgoing or whether you usually like to go unnoticed. Although it may also happen that on that day you take the opportunity to break the mold and dare to wear an outfit of a certain style or color that you don't normally wear. After all, it is your wedding, first and foremost a party to have fun and enjoy. Either way, everyone will expect to see how elegant you look on that day, so rehearse your triumphant entrance and prepare to leave them speechless.

how elegant you look on that day

The experience of choosing and buying the groom's suit has also acquired a great weight in the male world, becoming a special date worthy of being shared with important people. Going accompanied by your closest friends or even your parents, is a common option that will give strength to the moment and make it unforgettable, making you feel like the absolute protagonist for a few hours. Why not?

choosing and buying the groom's suit

Put yourself in the hands of a good stylistic advisor, try on different ceremonial outfits, don't be afraid to innovate and, above all, enjoy the moment to the fullest. It is your wedding, a day when both of you will be the center of attention. Enjoying it is healthy, appropriate, and natural, so live for the moment!

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