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Wedding gift ideas for the best man

18 August 2022

Wedding gift ideas for the best man

Wedding gift ideas for the best man

The godparents are the most important figures in a wedding celebration, after the bride and groom. They are essential people in your life and play a key role, so they deserve to feel special before and during the big day, with details that remind them of everything they represent for you. Have you thought about how to surprise them? Read on and discover some of the best gift ideas for them.

Being a best man at a wedding is something that happens very rarely in life. Playing this role is an endearing and very emotional experience, as it is the privilege of sharing with the bride and groom some of the most intimate and significant moments of the big day. If you want to make their experience even more special, you should take care of some important details before and during the ceremony, to leave them speechless.

First of all, think about how you are going to communicate their role. Depending on the protocol and the country, the best man and the maid of honor can be the groom’s mother and the bride’s father, but also other close and relevant family members or friends of the couple. In any case, announcing that they are going to play this important role deserves a unique scenario and a detailed plan. Here are some ideas!

It's not enough to simply put it in words. Also look for a creative support that generates expectation and adds emotion to the moment. A small box with memories of you, photographs, a representative object, a dedicated letter... and at the bottom, a card with a concise question: Do you want to be my godfather? To present the gift, you can take them somewhere memorable for them, organize a dinner with family or friends, or even a weekend getaway. Let your imagination run wild...

Preparing your family tree, with images of your ancestors, photographs and an elegant support for them to remember it forever, will be an emotional and symbolic gesture both for them and for you. Immersing yourselves in this adventure is a beautiful experience that will enrich you as a couple, unite you as a family and at the same time make them very happy, we are sure.

During the ceremony, the best gift for the godparents is to give them their rightful place, with small details that show their important role to the guests. The entrance accompanying the bride and groom or the speech during the dinner will undoubtedly be the big moments of the day, but you can enhance them, for example, by preparing a "groomsmen's kit" that includes a flower arrangement to match the bouquet, an embroidered gown, a personalized detail and a little note. You can even add a fun twist by adding a humorous list of tips for the big day to help dispel any nerves.

During the banquet, occupying the presidential table next to the bride and groom will be the best way to give solemnity and relevance to their role. You can leave a gift on their chair or on the plate so that they can find it when they sit down. Ideas include a glass engraved with their name, a piece of jewellery with an original message or even a card with their initial painted in watercolour and a fragment of their favourite poem or song. They will love it.

The groomsmen are, in a way, the hosts of a wedding, also responsible for making the famous and long-awaited toast along with an emotional speech that leaves everyone spellbound. How about surprising them with their favorite music while they read? Tears are guaranteed. Take note of these ideas and get ready to enjoy one of the most endearing and special days of your lives. Because any gift is unique if it is made and thought from the heart.

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