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Tie or bow tie ? What team are you?

22 December 2021

Tie or bow tie ? What team are you?

Tie or bow tie ? What team are you?

Classicism and tradition. Innovation and daring. Choosing your perfect groom's suit will always consist of finding the balance between both poles and the scales will balance between one and the other depending on the type of accessories you decide to wear.

Are you a classic groom? Or do you like to take risks in your outfits? The tie and the bow tie are the most powerful accessories that add the final touch to any suit and that, according to protocol, in most cases are defined as opposite poles: the tie as classic par excellence to give a casual look to the look. In the following article, we unveil the main characteristics of both, so you can get to know them better and make your selection wisely.

Choosing your perfect groom's suit

An explosion of colors and shapes, perfect to complete both the most formal and the most casual outfit. The bow tie is a male accessory that in recent years has gained strength as an original option that gives a hipster look to the entire male closet. Throughout the bridal world, it is a selection increasingly chosen by grooms looking for proposals with personality and although wearing it may seem eclectic, the fact is that it is also integrated into the most written protocols, being the black or white bow tie the accessory that should always be worn with the tuxedo or tails. In its more alternative versions, the bow tie can add the final detail missing from a sober or too conventional look.

The bow tie

Depending on its fastening system, there are button bow tie, which are much easier to put on than knot loops or bow ties, as their use requires a wax dexterity and skill; for this reason, the predominant models on the market are those in which the loop comes already prepared and which are classified according to their size and shape: the classic bow tie, with a full-sized knot and wider ends; the butterfly bow tie, with wider ends, ideal on shirts with Italian collars and more relaxed outfits; and the diamond bow tie, with wide ends but in this case asymmetrical, ending in a triangle shape.

button bow tie

As an accessory associated with originality and freshness, it allows for more options and aesthetic registers when it comes to wearing it. Although it is recommended to wear it with a jacket, it is becoming more and more common to see brides and grooms giving it up and opting for a stripped-down style with a shirt, suspenders and a bow tie. In addition to the need to complete the groom's suit with authenticity, the bow tie is also ideal for informal daytime events as well as urban looks, and is even perfect for combining with a shirt and sweater.

groom's suit with authenticity

Despite the infinity of registers and the fashion counterpoint that the tie presents, when it comes to complementing any outfit in which elegance and distinction are sought, the tie is the male accessory par excellence. Its symbolism moves between classicism and good taste, being the right way for those grooms concerned with preserving traditions and lovers of all that is conservative. In fact, the suit with tie, according to protocol, is the perfect look for any religious celebration. And the tie has the power to elevate any masculine outfits to maximum formality.

tie is the male accessory par excellence

The tie is a must-have accessory in any man's closet. There is no closet that does not include it, whether plain or with original prints, its versatility is similar to that of the bow tie, but in this case its stylistic charge is mostly associated with elegance and formality. As protocol dictates, it is perfect for morning weddings and obligatory when the groom decides to wear a tailsuit. In this case, to present it in all its splendor, it will be important to coordinate it with the sark and waitcoast, and may choose the same range of colors or break with an extreme and distinctive tone, for example, in accordance with the accessories that the bride wears, whether the bouquet or the shoes.

coordinate it with the sark and waitcoast

Make a good tie knot is an art. According to its type, it can be either the classic or the American, the latter being the most common and the one that usually dominates, and includes as an essential requirement that the tie should be at waist level. If we take the classic knot one step further we get an Eldredge knot, which adds a more complex and voluminous aspect to it. There is also the so-called Windsor knot, ideal for thick fabric ties, for example.

classic or the American

Tie or bow tie, the eternal debate. Infinity of options and possibilities mingle in a panorama where it is increasingly imperative to break with protocols and leave the look to the personal inspiration of each groom. An open trend that allows you to play with combinations until you find the one that best conveys your genuine style and personality; even if it violates the rule. What about you? Which team are you from?

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