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Thomas Pina transforms itself with the motto Less, is more

08 June 2022

Thomas Pina transforms itself with the motto Less, is more

Thomas Pina transforms itself with the motto Less, is more

Minimalism is the essence of the brand's new approach. A taste for aesthetics and design, avant-garde art and the introduction of the female figure are some of the premises of this new brand image. Because when less is more, the Thomas Pina man reaches his full potential.

Minimalism is the essence

Subtracting the superfluous and seeking perfection. The philosophy of the Thomas Pina brand, always focused on the pursuit of excellence, reinvents itself to exceed all expectations and give a twist to its main image with its new slogan Less, is more. In its eagerness to conquer the contemporary man and consolidate itself as a reference in elegance, good taste and distinction, the brand refreshes its values by adding aspects that enhance its essence and provide an extra touch of modernity.

The search for perfection is one of Thomas Pina's maxims. A perfection that is reached by subtracting everything that is unnecessary and does not add value. This concept of minimalism focuses on those values that truly add up to and shape the complete image of contemporary man, based on culture, good taste and modernity.

superfluous and seeking perfection

The new image seeks to enhance sensitivity, incorporating various essential elements to achieve balance and perfection.Less, is more brings into play scenarios that reflect the personality of a contemporary man with a taste for aesthetics and design. Concrete facades, glass and steel structures, to elevate and highlight the Thomas Pina man. A play of textures and shadows where the suit is the main element.

the suit is the main element

Balance is the real key to elegance. For this reason, the brand seeks to counteract this new, more architectural, sober and neutral image, by bringing the woman into play in its new brand concept, to bring movement, desire and passion. By introducing the female figure into the scene, we achieve this essential harmony that is so perfectly assimilated.

Balance is the real key to elegance

Less, is more alludes to a minimalism based on the search for the magnificence to which one arrives, learning to subtract the unnecessary. When you get a perfect product for your functions, the goal is achieved. A product that adapts to the requirements of contemporary man; that reflects symmetry and proportion; that looks after aesthetics in an intelligent and rational way. This is the new Thomas Pina. Discover it!

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