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The secret of made-to-measure suit

17 November 2021

The secret of made-to-measure suit

The secret of made-to-measure suit

In an era characterized by “fast fashion” and “mass production fashion”, tailoring is more valued than ever and becomes an essential requirement in a modern man’s wardrobe. Choosing a customized costume for your wedding or social gathering is trying to stand out from the rest, putting quality over anything and knowing that there is no better way to show yourself in society. Do you want to know a little more about this type of product? Keep reading...

The way you dress is a clear reflection of your social standing and your vital aspirations. It’s a way to transmit security to the world, stepping hard wherever you go. And if there's anything right in the world of menswear, it's that, to look your best, an elegant suit must fit your silhouette perfectly.

A made-to-measure suit is ruled by the exclusivity and customization of every detail and this is the difference between mass-produced suits. Besides the perfect adjustment of the pattern to your measurements, companies that work with this philosophy also offer the possibility of choosing aspects such as finishing, fabric, type of lapel, buttons and cut that best suits your image. This issue allows you to play with combinations, in order to give your suit that touch of genuine art that only you will wear.

Choosing a tailored suit is looking for the difference between the normal and the exclusive. A suit that’s made especially for you should be able to visually enhance your strengths and, at the same time, hide those areas of the body that you don't feel so comfortable with. This way, you will undoubtedly reinforce your self-assurance and make your elegance stand out in front of others, whatever the setting or the occasion.

Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to enjoy the luxury of personalization. It is an unrepeatable moment and too important not to make the right choice with your outfit and show the best version of you. Therefore, the brand of groom's suits that you choose must meet some basic requirements, for example:

  • It should stand out and fit your personality
  • It must be exclusive and claim social elegance through tailoring, good taste and distinction
  • It should allow you to follow the trend of the moment, giving a different touch to your wedding suit

We are talking about demanding qualities that currently only a few companies in the market can offer you.

Torre Fashion Group is one of the few that strongly invests in the search for the exclusive beauty of fashion. They are proudly artisan and tailors, with unique Italian-inspired pieces and a meticulous manufacturing process that takes care of every detail and is faithful to its heritage. More than 40 years of history and know-how, Italian design and fitting together with maximum flexibility and personalization, result in pieces that speak for themselves and are capable of transforming the man who wears them. Their groom's suits are not for everyone and that's precisely the focus point of its charisma and power. Because the personality of a piece that fits you like a glove is priceless.

Discover all that a tailored suit can offer you and join one of the strongest menswear trends of this 2022 season. Are you ready to seduce?

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