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The new trend is called elegance. Are you elegant enough?

06 April 2022

The new trend is called elegance. Are you elegant enough?

The new trend is called elegance. Are you elegant enough?

Is your outfit your priority when going to an important event? Is being true to your style crucial to you? Do you like to stand out, but with sobriety and simplicity? If your answer is yes, you move in the standards of the much acclaimed elegance, a hot trend at its peak, that most menswear brands of today are pursuing. In the following post we tell you about the characteristics on which this social qualifier is built, attributable to good taste, attitude and personality justification.

outfit your priority when going to an important event

Being a stylish man depends on several factors often related to parameters that go beyond simple aesthetic connotations. Elegance is related to the way a man moves and acts in society, in the way he presents himself to the world and how he relates to himself. An elegant man is proud of his essence and knows how to transmit that confidence wherever he goes.

stylish man

When it comes to fashion, the stylish man always tries to look for the best version of himself, whatever the time or place. He knows how to adapt masterfully to the different environments that come his way, because every event is too important to bring out the best in him. He is strict about the brand of suit he wears, which must be exclusive and able to suit his personality. On his wedding day, his stylistic demands are on a par with those of the bride, aiming to look perfect, but without exaggeration. The suit will be the most important detail for him, in which he will invest the most time and budget.

stylish man always tries to look for the best version of himself

Dressing men who want to stand out, but with simplicity and sobriety, is the philosophy of Thomas Pina, whose suits speak for themselves and transform those who wear them with pride and versatility. The brand produces two different product ranges. On the one hand, the Thomas Pina Couture line stands out for the sobriety of its combinations, with very classic designs, inspired by Italian etiquette patterns. This is a flexible product, perfect to be worn at weddings or formal events, whether by the groom, best man, friends or guests.

weddings or formal events

For those moments when a man seeks excellence, there is the Thomas Pina Ceremony. With a more defined style than the previous line, it embodies a markedly ceremonial product perfect for dressing grooms who seek to attract attention in an austere way, lovers of Italian style but with a Latin touch. Men who are clear about how to be in every moment of their lives and adapt to it with the utmost distinction.

dressing grooms who seek to attract attention

Elegance is fashion, it is style, but as we said at the beginning of the post, it is above all attitude and personality. A way of behaving towards others and towards yourself, which transcends the physical plane. A way of facing life and circumstances, which arouses admiration and generates models to be imitated by others. To be or not to be faithful to this trend is in the hands of each one of us. Seeking our own excellence, pursuing our own evolution, always putting on our best face. Both in public and in the strictest intimacy. What about you? Are you loyal to this trend?

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