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The importance of getting your groom's suit size right

01 December 2021

The importance of getting your groom's suit size right

The importance of getting your groom's suit size right

Wanting a groom's suit to look spectacular will depend on several factors: The pattern, the way it fits, the color, the style are all features to keep in mind to highlight your elegance. But the first and undoubtedly most important thing is that the suit gives you self-confidence and self-assurance, and you will certainly achieve this with a suit in your ideal size, because size matters. In the following post we offer you the key to get it right and get the groom's suit to fit you amazingly.

groom's suit to look spectacular

Choosing the wrong size and complementing it with a lovingly and very professionally made arrangement will result in an exceptional look on your wedding day. Both aspects are essential to make you feel like an elegant groom and to achieve a high-impact finish. If you're looking for an exquisite look where every detail counts, wrinkles or lack of comfort will always be signs that the size isn't right for you… Take note!

exceptional look on your wedding day

When it comes to the jacket, the first thing you should consider when choosing the size is that the shoulders fit perfectly. The back is one of the most sensual and attractive aspects of a man, and showing it off as it deserves depends on finding the right proportion, making sure that the sleeve seam is exactly where it should be, just between the junction of the arm and the collarbone. No more, no less. If in your groom's suit you notice an excess of wrinkles, lack of comfort in the arm and little mobility, or on the contrary, the seam does not fit in the shoulder and there is leftover fabric, it will be best to look for another size.

groom's suit

The jacket of your suit should always be buttoned up, except when you are sitting down. So the way it feels when you unbutton it will also be an important indicator of whether you got it right. Make sure the first button is just above your navel. 

The so-called DROP, which refers to the difference in the size of your chest contour and the size of your waist, will help you find the perfect proportion. Finally, focus on the lapel and whether you see any gaps between it and the shirt. If so, it's a sign that this jacket is not right for you.

(The DROP is an international tailoring measurement that helps to balance suit size and find an exact proportion, taking into consideration that not all male silhouettes follow the same pattern).

 jacket of your suit

To get it right with pant sizing, the essential thing is that the piece provides you comfort. Look for just the midpoint between some pants that are baggy and overly roomy, and others in which the seams look like they are going to break. Neither one nor the other.

Make sure the pants gently wrap around your waist without tightening. If the pockets open up, that is an indicator that the size is too small. When in doubt between two sizes, ultimately it is always best to select the larger size and let a tailor fit you. Remember that a good fit is essential to achieve that point of elegance and personality you are looking for.

Apply these tips when choosing your groom's suit and get a tailored look that envelops you in artistry and elegance. Are you ready to be the center of attention?

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