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The formal wedding

28 December 2020

The formal wedding

The formal wedding

For a morning formal wedding, the blue suit with shiny lapels, one button jacket with a rounded cut is perfect.

morning formal wedding

Micro-patterned vest and tie in shades of blue. The white shirt with an Italian collar is indispensable, as is the neatly folded pocket square. Black Oxford shoe and knee-length sock in the color of the shoeů never, never wear short sock.

Another important detail is the shirt cuffs which must come out of the jacket by one centimeter with the arm extended at the sides and by two centimeters when folded at the stomach.

When you do the last fitting of the suit, make sure that the trousers have the right length. Try it with the shoes youĺll wear. It must not be too short because the sock must not be seen: it must rest on the instep on the front and touch the upper on the back.

Wear the jacket with the shirt that youĺll wear on the wedding day. The vest should be worn tightly at the waist: on the back there is a strap that allows you to adjust the width, the tighter it is, slenderer will make you.

Last but not least: another tip for true elegance! The jacket must be worn strictly closed. An open jacket is not suitable for a ceremony at all.

All these details will leave you with an impeccable appearance and remember that the photos will remain forever, so you will be prepared to eternize your elegant look.

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