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Love reflected in wedding rings

25 January 2023

Love reflected in wedding rings

Love reflected in wedding rings

Wedding rings are the ultimate symbol of marriage. Two small objects of great value, not only for what they are but also for their enormous significance, which encompasses values such as commitment, union and fidelity. Although in the 21st century, it can often seem a bit overwhelming, this element is almost never missing in contemporary weddings, as the perfect object to seal your love. In the following post, we inspire you to make this universal jewel something unique, special and genuine.

With its spherical, closed and perfect shape, the wedding ring has been a symbol of love, commitment and fidelity for more than 5000 years. In its historical and traditional aspect, the custom of using wedding rings as elements in the marriage union was inherited from ancient Egypt, the pinnacle of the art of jewellery in the Bronze Age period. From the Renaissance to antiquity, these jewels have taken countless unique and original forms and are today a great expression of creativity and a genuine way to express your love.

The wedding ring, as such, through its circular shape, reminds us of all that is eternal, whose beginning merges with its end. By wearing it on our ring finger, we show the world our marital status, and by exchanging it at the ceremony, we express our firm commitment to partnership. But, how can we extend the meaning and romantic value of wedding rings even further?

The world of jewellery today allows you to create your wedding rings in a totally personalised way, choosing from the type of metal - yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver or platinum - to the profile, width and thickness of your rings. In this way, their image can perfectly reflect your style or even magically transport you back in time; for example, for the most classic, imitating the design of a familiar jewel and for the most daring, recreating film scenarios, with jewellery inspired by great cinematic myths.

Nowadays, most couples no longer limit themselves to simply engraving their name and date on the inside of their rings. The laser engraving technique allows inscriptions to be made both on the inside and outside of the jewellery, raising its sentimental value to the highest level. From whole phrases to song lyrics, drawings or even musical notes and coordinates. Giving that unique touch to your wedding rings will make them a beautiful testimony of your love.

How about adding a small diamond on the inside, as a sign of purity and eternity? A gemstone encrusted on the back of the ring will make it even more exclusive and enhance its meaning and value.

Although the design is always tempting, choose them with comfort in mind, as they are jewellery that will accompany you on a daily basis. After all, there is no better way to show your love than to wear them proudly in society and communicate your commitment to the whole world.

And you? Do you join the fashion of personalised wedding rings or do you prefer the classic design of a lifetime?

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