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Less is more: minimalism and elegance.  This is the new Thomas Pina 2023 collection

20 October 2022

Less is more: minimalism and elegance. This is the new Thomas Pina 2023 collection

Less is more: minimalism and elegance.  This is the new Thomas Pina 2023 collection

Less is more. A powerful slogan with a deep meaning, applicable to infinite areas of our lives, including fashion. A motto that invites us to seek perfection and to get rid of everything unnecessary, in order to shine like never before. Thomas Pina is inspired by this powerful message to create a collection of wedding suits with a unique mood and the essential elements to dazzle. In the following post, we present its new proposals for 2023. Are you ready?

Groom suit Thomas Pina azul

The new collection of wedding suits by Thomas Pina 2023 reflects the magnificence that one arrives at by learning to subtract the unnecessary, whether in life, fashion or love. Finding the right balance between symmetry and proportion, aesthetics and comfort are the secrets of true beauty, of true fullness. And it is precisely this idea that encompasses the powerful and charismatic slogan, Less is more.

Groom suit Thomas Pina in yellow scenarius

Minimalism is the essence of this new collection and acts as a common thread throughout the designs. Wedding suits that are the main element in an elegant playof textures and shades, where design, avant-garde art and the staging of the female figure are combined.

Smoking suit Thomas Pina blue

The search for perfection is one of Thomas Pina's mottos. A perfection that is reached by subtracting everything that is not necessary; that is in line with the values that are on the rise in modernity and that can be summed up in the constant search for balance. Thus, the aesthetic and chromatic harmony is evident in all its suits, with a clear predominance of single-colour looks. Tie, bow tie and handkerchief are integrated into the whole outfit, forming a balanced, discreet and elegant ensemble.

Ceremonial groom suit

The eternal blue stands out in all its varieties, especially the darker ones. On a chromatic level, the new 2023 collection enhances the plain groom suits in black and navy colours and bets on softer combinations in pastel and natural colours, such as sky blue, pink or beige, in Italian cotton and wool, wool & silk and 100% wool fabrics. Brocade fabrics and micro designs, discreet and elegant; complete the catalogue with their sophisticated and original style.

Smoking suit in blue

Minimalism is also reflected in the taste for small handmade details and always strategically arranged, to add extra luxury and distinction to the garment. Jackets with peak lapels, with one and two buttons, and designs with mao collar without buttons, in contrast with waistcoats with two, four, five and 4x4 buttons. A complete collection, designed for those grooms with a classic essence, a taste for contemporary aesthetics and a desire to achieve their best version. Because when Less is more, the Thomas Pina man reaches his full potential. Ready to discover the unrivalled power of minimalism?

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