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Ideas to save an outdoor wedding in the rain

16 January 2023

Ideas to save an outdoor wedding in the rain

Ideas to save an outdoor wedding in the rain

Bad weather, and specifically rain, is usually one of the main fears of every couple planning their wedding. However, it's not all bad news as, according to tradition, getting married on a rainy day is a magnet for good luck, positive energy and fertility. A wedding held in the rain can transmit the same magic, if you know how to save it. In this article, we leave you some advices that will be very useful if you don't want to be caught off guard by uncertain weather.

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Predicting the weather on the big day is a complex thing that is often out of our control. Whether it's summer, autumn, spring or winter, clouds can always get in the way, to a greater or lesser degree. But there is good news. Saving an outdoor wedding in the rain is possible. What's more, a rainy wedding can be just as romantic and unforgettable, you just have to look on the bright side and keep in mind a few basic tips. Stay tuned!

The famous plan B is something that cannot be missing in your preparations. The space you hire should always have an alternative lounge, ideally with large windows that connect to the outside and allow you to enjoy the sparkling sound of water and a cosy atmosphere. A tent with a transparent roof or sides is another perfect solution for a rainy day. Either way, make sure the space has alternatives that you like and make you feel equally comfortable if the day turns upside down.

To give visual homogeneity and to avoid each guest protecting themselves from the rain in their own way, it is a good idea to prepare waterproof cloaks in a colour that matches the decoration. These days it is easy to find umbrellas at a good price, as well as shawls or blankets, in case the rain brings the temperature down and you need an extra touch of warmth. Set up a small corner with hot chocolate or even hot wine to welcome your guests and be prepared to give and receive lots of hugs, as this atmosphere encourages romance and intimacy.

Take the opportunity to capture unique images. A rainy day brings an intimate atmosphere, with a beautiful contrast of colours and an often spectacular sky. With a bit of luck, the sun can come out and with it a beautiful, colourful rainbow that adds to the magic. As the saying goes: in bad weather, all's well that ends well. Regardless of the weather and other unexpected events that may arise, optimism will always be your best ally if you want to have an unforgettable day. Use these resources, always put a smile on your face and never forget that, in the end, the sun always rises.

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