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Ideas for the first dance

21 September 2022

Ideas for the first dance

Ideas for the first dance

Once the banquet, speeches, bouquet delivery and cake cutting are over, it's time to open the party with the famous wedding dance. A long-awaited scene where you can surprise your friends and family in a unique way and make it even more special. In the following post, we give you some ideas to leave your mark on the dance floor. Take note!

The bride and groom's first dance changes the rhythm of the wedding celebration, to give way to the most distended and relaxed stage of the wedding, where fun, joy and improvisation will dominate the scene. The classic waltz is the most traditional option for this moment, a social custom that gained strength in the 18th century as a result of the dances held by the aristocracy. It was there that the courtship season began, to forge future marriages between the young people of high society. This custom also became popular at royal weddings and, because of its romanticism and elegance, was later imitated by couples all over the world.

But wedding protocol does not always remain intact with the passing of time and although many couples still choose the traditional waltz to open the dance, others choose to dress up this unique moment with originality. The truth is that nowadays there are a thousand and one ways to leave your friends and family open-mouthed, even involving them directly, organizing, for example, a joint choreography. You can start the dance in a seemingly conventional way and then suddenly ask the DJ to incorporate more upbeat music and venture into a flashmob-style performance, with your friends joining in. Fun is guaranteed!

Finding the perfect alternative to the traditional waltz is something personal and subjective that will be in accordance with your musical tastes and your personal style. And, why not, a decision subject also to your family roots. Can you imagine opening the dance with a traditional folk song typical of your country? It can be very touching and endearing, especially for your long-lived relatives, as well as an unusual and original option. You can even mix it as a contrast with a more upbeat song, for example, a rock ballad from the 80s.

How about enhancing the emotionality of the moment with something like sparklers or soap bubbles? Before leaving, hand them out to your guests and let a bath of light or a curtain of small bubbles fill the atmosphere, while you dance to the music and make them co-stars of the scene. You can even introduce confetti cannon at the climax of the song, in the style of the best concerts. Espectacular!

If you are fond of ballroom dancing or Latin rhythms, you can open the dance with a salsa, a merengue or even a bachata. How about playing a scene of pure passion with a dramatic tango? And if one of you has mastered classical dance or any other artistic discipline, after the dance together, you can surprise your partner with a solo choreography prepared in secret for the big day. A touching gift to show your love.

Of course, opening the dance with the soundtrack of your favourite movie is a unique alternative that will help create an unique atmosphere. Don't forget that a change of outfit will always help to enhance the magic of the moment. Replacing shoes with trainers, dispensing with the tie and going for a more casual look will set the mood for your guests and help them enter this phase of the celebration. Either way, dancing is all about enjoying the pleasure of being yourself. You know what they say: life is one big dance and the world is one big ballroom, so there is no better way to start your life as newlyweds. Enjoy!

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