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Ideas for a minimalist but elegant wedding

21 November 2022

Ideas for a minimalist but elegant wedding

Ideas for a minimalist but elegant wedding

The minimalist trend has arrived on the wedding panorama, with celebrations that highlight the beauty of simplicity through neutral colours, clean lines, diaphanous spaces and suggestive decoration. If you want to organise a wedding with this style, in the following post we give you some ideas to succeed and seduce your guests. And you? Do you trust in the magic of "less is more”?

Elegance and minimalism go side by side in the wedding universe and have become one of the most popular trends for contemporary celebrations, as opposed to baroque-style spaces and the traditional and extravagant ostentation. Minimalism seeks above all to enhance the beauty of the small details, creating events in which nothing is superfluous and each element has a genuine meaning.

When planning a minimalist wedding, every detail is fundamental. The invitations, for example, are your letter of introduction and the way to let friends and family know the style of the celebration. A quality art paper, with a good grammage and an elegant typography that identifies you, will be enough to create a unique and personal design. You can combine a white background with a strong color, such as black or gold. And to add a genuine touch, insert a representative phrase or even a fragment of a poem or song.

In a minimalist wedding, the goal is to gain in functionality without leaving elegance aside, which is why the decoration plays a primordial role. Neutral colour palettes, such as beige, white, grey, or even two-colour combinations, such as the traditional black and white, bring elegance and create clean and pleasant atmospheres. The ideal is to use few but well-chosen objects that do not crowd the space but at the same time give it a warm and welcoming touch. Look for glass details that let the light shine through, combined with touches of green and wood. Adding a small decorative object in gold metal will give it a chic and glamorous touch without overloading it.

Choose open, clean and tidy spaces in which you can distribute the furniture symmetrically and with partitions that allow you to move freely around the room. Dress the tables with single-colour table linen and opt for avant-garde gastronomic proposals, where quality products play a leading role. The perfect cake for a minimalist wedding will be one that stands out for its simplicity, with a neutral background and a main detail that breaks with the established, like a work of art.

In a minimalist wedding, the bride and groom's attire should be faithful to the motto "less is more". If you want to dazzle and reflect your essence, opt for a monochrome look, with designs with clean and sober lines, as well as noble andsoft fabrics that convey elegance and serenity. Look for stylistic coherence as a couple and show that you don't need too many ornaments to look amazing. As Coco Chanel once said: simplicity is the key to true elegance.

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