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How to stand out of the crowd with a simple suit

09 November 2022

How to stand out of the crowd with a simple suit

How to stand out of the crowd with a simple suit

Dressing well is not synonymous with more ostentation or excessive ornamentation. You simply need to cleverly combine certain basic elements to obtain a spectacular outfit. In the following post, learn the secrets to achieve an enviable style, applying the valuable rule of Less is More in your outfits. Can you stand out of the crowd with a simple outfit? Of course you can!

When it comes to men's style, simplicity is not at odds with elegance. Getting noticed in a simple suit is perfectly possible, in fact, it probably is if you keep a few essential aspects in mind when choosing your suit. The first and one of the most important is to pay attention to the fabric. A basic suit made of 100% wool, with just the right amount of shine, the right texture and structure, has enough stylistic strength to make you shine.

Secondly, look for the perfect pattern. Trust in brands that prioritise handcrafted tailoring, which takes into account the smallest details, as opposed to industrial patterns, which tend to present problems as they are manufactured for a wide range of sizes, without taking into account your personal body shape. By choosing a well-constructed and well-executed garment, you will undoubtedly enhance considerably your anatomy, gaining in elegance and confidence.

Thirdly, it's time to focus on the colour’s; a powerful variant in fashion and beauty, which can brighten or dull your face and features depending on its intensity. Use chronometry to find a shade that suits your skin and features, that blends with your essence and brings out the best in you. For a simple suit to attract attention, the ideal is to opt for plain, basic, versatile and discreet colours, such as blue, brown or grey in its different ranges. A good minimalist suit in neutral colours will allow you to create different outfits and give freedom to your creativity.

Learn to draw attention to your harmonious style, always at the right point between distinction and naturalness. When it comes to choosing your accessories, go for only the essentials, no more than two at a time, and go for those that add value to your look. Rich fabrics and materials, such as silk, will help take your style to the next level without being excessive. Strike a balance.

Being the centre of attention with a simple, beautiful and elegant outfit is perfectly possible if you combine these style rules in a smart way. And remember. You will always be admired for your essence and what you are able to transmit with it, reflected in the way you are and the way you dress. Always in this order. Apply the valuable rule of "less is more" and get ready to make them fall in love.

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