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How to impress the bride during the wedding vows

22 June 2022

How to impress the bride during the wedding vows

How to impress the bride during the wedding vows

One of the most romantic and intimate parts of the wedding ceremony is the reading of the wedding vows by the bride and groom. They mutually express their feelings, their commitment and their hopes for the future in a text written in a personal way and kept secret until the big day. It doesn't matter if you are not a master of the pen, the main goal is to find inspiration in the depths of your heart and take into account some details that can elevate the emotion of the moment. Are you ready to make her fall in love again?

wedding vows

Marriage is essentially a promise of love. A ritual where fidelity, commitment and mutual support are expressed for the rest of your lives. And there is a specific moment in which this intention is verbalised by the bride and groom: the famous vows. An intimate, brief and explicit reading where all that respect, affection and loyalty is communicated in words. Writing proper and correct vows is not so much a matter of protocol, but is more linked to the personality and the way each couple communicates. As long as it is a sincere message expressed from the heart, it will always be perfect.

intimate, brief and explicit reading

Moving the bride will not be a very difficult task if you show yourself as you are and she understands that your message is honest and with intentionality. But you can make your vows more valuable and leave her speechless. One of the things to keep in mind to impress her is to personalise your speech as much as possible. Describe how you met her, how special that was to you, and mention a small detail that will leave a record of the precious memory you still have of that moment. Find a special place to write them and then add photographs or even the messages of your closest friends and family. It will be a detail she will never forget.

vows more valuable and leave her speechless

Music is another element that will enhance the emotionality of your words, especially if it is related to what you are saying or has some meaning for you as a couple. Look for the song that was playing when you first met, or the one that you know will touch their heart and let the notes accompany the musicality of the message. Success is guaranteed.

Film references are also a good element to use in your wedding vows and surprise her with them. Cinema is full of mythical scenes, where romanticism has surely made her cry with emotion more than once. You can take a phrase or text that appears in her favourite movie, adapt it and give your ceremony a very special touch. If you also have the possibility of using some kind of audiovisual support to accompany the moment, it can be even more unforgettable.

enhance the emotionality

If you are a classic and traditional couple, including a reference to her parents in your speech as a sign of respect and consideration for them, can increase its value and enhance the emotionality of the moment. Similarly, if your ceremony has a religious orientation, imbuing the message with the appropriate references, even introducing a biblical reading related to your testimony, will increase the solemnity.

reference to her parents in your speech as a sign of respect

These are some ideas that can serve as inspiration when creating your wedding vows. But remember that the moment is special in itself and your spouse will be excited by the simple fact of the step you're about to take together. So, put aside the pressure and focus on being yourself. I'm sure he or she will love it.

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