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How to choose the best venue for your wedding

20 July 2022

How to choose the best venue for your wedding

How to choose the best venue for your wedding

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important aspects of the preparations and the first step to define, in order to move forward with everything else. An open-air estatewedding farm, a hotel in the city centre, a castle, a natural scenario setting... There are an infinite number of scenarios you can choose for your dream wedding. Choosing the ideal one for you will depend on several factors. We explain them in the following post.

wedding venue

After the proposal, the nerves, the communications to the family and the initial joy, the key moment of this great adventure arrives: defining the date of your wedding and determining the place. This is a very important decision for which you will have to be clear about several issues related to the style of the celebration, the number of guests, the category of the event and your personality.

defining the date of your wedding and determining the place

 style of the celebration

Deciding whether you want an intimate wedding or a large-scale event will be a priority when choosing the best wedding venue. If you dream of a small wedding where only your closest family and friends attend and you dispense the commitments, you can eliminate any requirement for spaciousness. Any charming farm, even with the possibility of accommodating your guests at a later date, will be the perfect candidate for your big day. Due to their special infrastructure, natural settings such as the beach or the forest are also ideal for intimate ceremonies.

intimate wedding or a large-scale event

If, on the other hand, your wedding is going to have over 120 guests, you will need to base your choice on the capacity of the space and the possibilities for distributing your friends and family comfortably and without embarressment. In both cases, if your wedding takes place in an unpredictable season, choosing a venue that offers you a plan B in case of rain, wind or cold, will also be an important aspect.

your wedding

Distinguishing between a formal event and a casual wedding will be another of the decisive factors when it comes to setting the wedding scene. In the first case, sophisticated spaces, castles, palaces, luxury hotels or noble properties, where classic gardens, spacious halls with baroque decoration and any element that suggests luxury and distinction will win. If, on the other hand, you want to skip the formality and opt for a more relaxed party, the venue should be in tune with your decision. This includes options such as more rustic properties, urban restaurants and hotels or even catering in the family garden.

sophisticated spaces, castles

Do you want to celebrate the ceremony and the reception in the same location? This will also be a matter to take into account when choosing the best place. For civil ceremonies, look for restaurants or farms with different atmospheres in which you can set up the right setting where you can tie the knot. If you dream of getting married in a specific church, the ideal is to celebrate the wedding reception in a space close to it, to avoid long and uncomfortable journeys. If you are more flexible, but do not want to give up the religious component, there are properties and restaurants with their own chapel that make it possible to have an intimate and very special wedding.

celebrate the ceremony and the reception

As you can see, nowadays there are an infinite number of places to celebrate your dream wedding. Maybe even during your relationship you have already defined a specific and symbolic place to promise each other eternal love. If that is your case, the rest of the aspects will have to be decided on that basis. Whatever you choose, the best place to celebrate your wedding will always be the one that wins you both over and fills your hearts with enthusiasm.

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