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How to ask that special person to be your best man at your wedding

09 February 2023

How to ask that special person to be your best man at your wedding

How to ask that special person to be your best man at your wedding

The best man is an essential figure in a wedding. A person who is close to you, knows your story and has followed your every step closely. Therefore, the day you tell him about his important role, he will surely receive the information as a precious gift to him. Do you need ideas to give him the news in a surprising and original way? Don't miss the following post.

The best man is the second most important man at a wedding. A person who will accompany you in the preparations, on whom you can rely if there are any unforeseen events and, above all, someone who will feel very honoured and excited to fulfil this role.

When it comes to choosing that person, you must remember three essential requirements: that person must be very special to you; you must feel that the person is very excited about this role and, above all, you must make sure that they will continue to be part of your lives once the ceremony is over.

Once you have decided who will be your godfather, you will have to agree on how to tell him the news. And, given the importance of his role, it should be made in a creative and original way. The most direct and warmest way is to invite him to dinner at his favourite restaurant. It will be nice whether you do it in an intimate way, just the three of you, or if you decide to take advantage of a family evening to announce it publicly.

You can prepare a nice envelope and place it under their plate or add a little note to their dessert and have the waiter bring it to them. Another equally original alternative is to make a short speech during dinner and ask him or even frame a "best man of the year" diploma and give it to him unexpectedly. Both options will make him feel very special.

How about ordering a personalized cake? Today's confectionery allows for endless creative options. Look for something that identifies him and capture it in an eye-catching fondant cake or delicious biscuits.

Take advantage of new technologies to give him the news virtually, for example, with a video montage that includes some of the best moments with him, or simply a funny video message that makes them laugh and cry at the same time. If you have a pet, introducing it into the scene will give it a fun and endearing touch that they will never forget.

Communicating good news is always precious and close. After all, these are once-in-a-lifetime scenes, so all you can do is enjoy the moment and immortalise it for posterity.

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