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Guide to the best outfit for an evening wedding

05 May 2022

Guide to the best outfit for an evening wedding

Guide to the best outfit for an evening wedding

Elegance, distinction, dark colours and satin fabrics. The perfect suit for an evening wedding brings together several elements that make it unique and special. In the following post, we tell you how to choose it being faithful to the protocol, but never forgetting your personal style. If you are getting married at night and you are looking for your ideal outfit, continue reading...

perfect suit for an evening wedding

Glamour and style invade weddings held in the moonlight. The night has a halo of mystery and charisma that cries out for extra elegance in the looks and a dress code in keeping with the atmosphere. Solemnity and sobriety play a leading role in this type of event, always balanced with the personal touch of each groom. If you like to follow protocol to the letter, take note of the following tips and be sure to get it right.

weddings held in the moonlight

Although the black tailcoat is very suitable for evening weddings held indoors, the smoking is undoubtedly the perfect choice according to the wedding protocol. A distinguished choice, also perfect for its great stylistic versatility, as it will allow you to play with accessories and give it a more personal touch. Choose it in dark colours, such as navy blue, charcoal grey or black, and personalise it if you like with some colour in the accessories, without going overboard or losing sight of discretion. Don't forget that less is always more.

smoking is undoubtedly the perfect choice

When it comes to accessories, the bow has overtaken the tie for evening weddings, making it a sophisticated, festive and glamorous choice to wear with your smoking. Another accessory that will add a touch of elegance to your outfit is the sash. You can choose to wear it instead of the traditional waistcoat, although both options are appropriate. On a stylistic and visual level, choose it if the lapel of your jacket is rounded and opt for a waistcoat if the lapel ends in a point. Always wear black, lace-up shoes that match the style of the suit and don't forget your handkerchief, cufflinks and boutonniere.

to accessories, the bow

Always look for suits made of fine fabrics and choose them according to the temperature and season of the year in which your wedding will take place. Even if you follow the rules of protocol, don't forget to choose your groom's suit taking into account the style of the celebration: an evening wedding inside a hotel or in a mansion is not the same as an open-air country estate.

choose your groom's suit

Remember: the groom is always the one who will set the etiquette of the celebration. So, as a last piece of advice, if your wedding is taking place at night, don't forget to avoid light-coloured suits and prints. If you like them, you can choose to incorporate them in your accessories, but always looking for a balanced and sophisticated look to match the occasion. Ready to be the perfect host?

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