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Guide to the best outfit for a daytime wedding

21 April 2022

Guide to the best outfit for a daytime wedding

Guide to the best outfit for a daytime wedding

Daytime weddings have a very special freshness and spontaneity. Sunlight brightens colours and enhances the effect of certain fabrics, which is why choosing them carefully is essential. If your wedding is taking place during the sunny hours, in the following post, we give you some styling tips for you to wear the best suit and get a spectacular look. Take note!

Daytime weddings

Bright colours, relaxed style and a less formal tone, are some of the requirements to consider in most cases when selecting the best suit for a daytime wedding. Although nowadays there is an increasing mix of options and personal taste takes precedence over protocol, there is one thing that will always be important when choosing which model to wear: undoubtedly, comfort. Looking too stiff or formal during a daytime celebration, especially if it takes place in the warmer months, can be uncomfortable and can have a negative impact on your attitude and appearance. Remember: the important thing on your big day is always to enjoy yourself.

the best suit for a daytime wedding

Regarding the colour of the suit, whether you are the groom or you have been invited to a daytime wedding, the lighter or more vibrant colour ranges of the traditional grey and blue will prevail, especially if the ceremonies are held indoors or with a classical or religious touch. For daytime weddings in open spaces and natural settings, suits in neutral colours, such as tan or beige, will triumph. In both cases, as they are refreshing colours, you will avoid attracting too much of the warmth of the sun. Navy blue, in its different variants, is the star colour if you are looking to be faithful to protocol without losing an ounce of elegance. Within the range of dark tones, it is a fresh and casual option, whether the wedding is held in colder months or in warmer seasons.

Navy blue, in its different variants

Accessories always provide style and playfulness to the outfit and allow you to adapt the look to each wedding setting and type of wedding, so, well combined, the effect will be spectacular. To brighten up an elegant blue suit, you can go for lighter shades in your accessories. Seek to create contrast by adding a light blue tie or waistcoat, for example.

elegant blue suit

Without leaving the accessories aside, daytime weddings usually ask for a tie instead of a bow tie, however, the hipster style is imposed in this type of celebrations, often combining it with more informal looks and playing with other accessories such as braces. In any case, the choice will always depend on the groom and his personality. For footwear, go for Oxford or Derby type shoes in black, blue or brown, always with laces and matching with the tone of the chosen suit.

the groom and his personality

In terms of types, for a daytime wedding, an elegant classic suit is a sure hit. While a frock coat will be a more formal option, the morning suit is the ultimate suit for weddings with a more sophisticated touch. If you are the groom, keep in mind that your personal style will always take precedence over any formalism or stylistic rules. Use them as a guide, but make your personal stamp your own. If you are a guest, before choosing your outfit and sticking strictly to the generic protocol, make sure that the bride and groom have not set a special dress code for their big day. Their wishes will always be the main requirement.

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