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Groom's Suit Guide

09 March 2022

Groom's Suit Guide

Groom's Suit Guide

Although we use the generic term "groom's suit" to define the clothing worn on the big day, the concept is much broader and is divided into several types, very different from each other in terms of style and wearability. In the following post, we'll talk about all of them, so you can do your homework before choosing yours. Ready?

groom's suit

When it comes to choosing the ideal groom's suit, there are a few issues about which you need to be clear. Firstly, the style of wedding you are going to celebrate, and secondly, and no less importantly, the style that defines you as a man. Do you consider yourself a classic groom? Will your wedding be more alternative, but are you conservative in your dressing? Are you looking for a sober and versatile suit? Or do you prefer to innovate and surprise?

There are several questions you should ask yourself when defining the suit that suits you best. But most importantly, you must know exactly what types of groomsmen suits are available on the market and what their main characteristics are. Pay attention!

ideal groom's suit

We begin our guide with the so-called classic or conventional suit, which can be either English or Italian style. Generally speaking, the former is characterized by its more square cut and the latter by having a tighter pattern to the body. Classic suits are perfect for daytime weddings or outdoor civil ceremonies that do not have a very strict or defined protocol. The degree of formality or informality is up to you.

English or Italian style

For evening or late afternoon and indoor weddings, it is best to opt for a smoking. Although different versions and combinations have emerged over the years, this type of suit is generally characterized by its bright, pointed lapels and by having different characteristic elements associated with it, such as a white shirt with an opera collar and a bow tie as an alternative to a tie.

opt for a smoking

Elegance and formality par excellence are usually associated with the so-called chaqué, a type of groom's suit consisting of a dress coat, pants, and waistcoat. It is suitable for daytime weddings and is always worn with a white shirt and double cuffs to show off the cufflinks. In addition, the chaqué will mark the suit of the best man and the witnesses, who should also choose this style if the groom decides to wear it.

groom's suit consisting of a dress coat, pants, and waistcoat

The so-called Frac is the type of suit par excellence for religious ceremonies and classic weddings. It is a gala suit suitable for evening events that, according to protocol, should be worn with a white shirt and a bow tie. Fashion has evolved and today there are countless versions of these more traditional suits, even leaving the established standards and allowing for innovations in terms of accessories, prints and colors.

On the other hand, you should know that it is not the same thing to talk about types of suits and to talk about styles. It may happen that the same type of suit offers different styles: vintage, classic, casual, romantic, minimalist... the secret is to find the one that best defines you and that you dare to wear. The possibilities are endless!

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