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Gentleman inspiration: start the year in style

12 January 2022

Gentleman inspiration: start the year in style

Gentleman inspiration: start the year in style

A true gentleman is much more than just looks. Looks, seduction, and attractiveness are triggers of a rare beauty that surpasses social standards and dazzles for what it is. A stylish man is clear about the premises that lead him to success; the power of the classic, the originality of a different suit, or the commitment to Italian cut designs that stand out in the crowd. In the following post, get inspired by the virtues of the true gentleman and get ready to start the year with the powerful look of a man who steps strong wherever he goes.

true gentleman

What attributes define a true gentleman? Classical elegance, refinement, his style, and savoir-faire are just a few of them. Putting attitude as the predominant value in every admirable man, his taste for beauty, and his ability to combine and choose his suits are other virtues that mark his power in society.

Classical elegance

Every gentleman knows exactly which colors enhance his features and, in turn, which color palettes are most appropriate for the occasion. There are shades that are staples in your closet, with black and blue being the starting point in most looks. A good navy blue suit with Italian cut is bound to arouse the admiration of the surroundings and is suitable for any formal event. From bright blue to jacquard blue, giving life to Italian smokings that are high impact and demanding in their making.

formal eventItalian smokings

The art of discretion and sobriety is rooted in authentic elegance. The good taste of every gentleman is to wear the right suit according to the moment, the company, and the place. Find the perfect balance between attracting everyone's attention and going unnoticed, because balance is the key. Stand out with simplicity; impose your presence, but without daring or eccentricity. A man proud of his essence always chooses proposals faithful to tradition and quality; suits of Italian inspiration and design, with exclusive fabrics, capable of transmitting good taste and authenticity.

wear the right suit

A gentleman perfectly combines art and style. Two words that make him an exceptional, admirable and exemplary man, the center and destination of all eyes. Being a true gentleman depends on many aspects, but the most important of all is the attitude with which one faces this distinguished and sought-after role in society.

exceptional, admirable and exemplary man

We hope this post inspires you to start the year as a true gentleman. May you start this 2022 by leaving a record of your steps and may everyone around you feel, in turn, the powerful impact you leave behind.

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