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Creative ideas for wedding souvenirs

05 April 2023

Creative ideas for wedding souvenirs

Creative ideas for wedding souvenirs

What to give your friends and family as a wedding souvenir is a meticulous aspect of the wedding preparations that can often cause a lot of headaches. Although it seems like a simple thing to define, it is not easy to be original and find the perfect gift for your wedding. In the following post, we inspire you with some creative, practical and fun ideas. Stay tuned!

One of the aspects that most couples tend to leave until the end of the wedding preparations is the choice of traditional wedding souvenirs. It is customary for the bride and groom to give their guests a small gift that will serve as a memory of the big day and, at the same time, symbolise their gratitude for sharing this special evening with them.

Although there are countless classic and conventional options, it is becoming increasingly common to innovate with unique and personalised details capable of thrilling and surprising in equal parts. However, these are options that require a greater investment of time and dedication, so first of all, you must decide how much energy you want to devote to this part of the preparations.

Personalising the wedding souvenir for each of your guests will take a little more time, but the result will be worth it. Find a photograph of each of them and transfer it to polaroid format. You can leave it on their plate along with a thank you a message or even hang it on a tree so that they all look together and looking for it becomes a fun game.

This type of personalisation is more accessible for intimate ceremonies with than 100 guests. For larger celebrations, choose options such as mugs, key rings or even personalised buttons with original messages. "I'm the life of the party", "I'm looking for my better half", "This will be my big night" or "I'm the bride and groom's favourite" are fun slogans that will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. You can place them in the centre of the table so that each guest can take their own and be surprised by the message, making it clear that it will be essential to wear it during the dance. A detail that will generate dynamism, integration and extra fun.

Practical wedding details that can be used during the party - and outside of it - are a trend in the bridal world. Bambas or ballerinas for comfort during the dancing, sunglasses, pamelas or fans for summer weddings, blankets or even a shawl in case it cools down during the evening. All of them will be a perfect investment that will also enhance the hospitality and help your friends and family feel doubly cared for and special. You can even choose to personalise them with your names or a phrase that speaks of your love story. The options are endless!

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